Custom Artwork and Design

Sparx and Mace is branching out into custom artwork and design. In some cases we already have! Custom artwork, flyers, sculptures, t-shirts, toys, costumes and more! Check out our design offerings below and be sure to preview some artwork of our lead designer, Harley Sparx:

Flyers, posters, logos and anything else that needs an artistic touch with that certain dark element. Whether it's a full color hand out for an event, a custom sculpture or a tattoo, we've got you covered.

We have a history in the comic book industry too! Check out the Gloom Cookie series published by SLG Comics, written by Serena Valentino and art by Harley Sparx. Sparx and Mace is also working towards a new line of D&D themed comics.

Now when we say costumes we mean mascot style over the top costumes! Want to win that cosplay contest? Heading to a furry convention? Send us your idea and we can help you bring it to life.

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with any questions and to get the ball rolling!