Wig Care

How to care for your wig!

Please note all our wigs are high quality syntethic fibers. Do NOT use hot tools such as curling irons or blow dryers on synthetic wigs!

Washing your wig
Synthetic wigs should be washed in cool water with a wig shampoo and conditioner. (Using conditioner is highly recommended to reduce tangling.) Do not scrub the wig, just swish it from side to side and dunk it up and down. Wigs should be hung to dry or placed on a wig stand or styrofoam head over night. (Synthetic wigs may also be set when wet. See Styling below.)

Once dry, spray wig care solution onto the wig and comb or brush depending on the type of wig you have (See Combing and Brushing below).

Brushing your wig
For Curly or wavy wigs, brush our the wig with you fingers. Do NOT use a comb or brush as this will undo the curls.

For straight wigs, brush out the wig with your fingers or use a wide-toothed comb.

Styling your wig
Wigs can be stlyed in the following ways.

  • For curly wigs, apply wig mouse and scrunch the curls with your hands.
  • To make your wigs fluffy, apply wig fluffy powder and use your hands to smooth the powder throughout the wig
  • To detangle a wig, spray with wig care solution and brush out with your hands.
  • To style a wig, wash the wig and wait until it is almost dry. Spray wig hair spray on the wig and shape the wig with your hands.
  • For stright wigs a clothing steamer may be used to straighten the wig. Place the wig on a stand and steam the hair while combing the hair down.

Storing your wig
While wigs are not in use, they may be stored in a hair net and plastic bag or on a wig stand, such as styrofoam head or collapsible wig stand.

Note: Wig care products can be found online. Sparx and Mace unfortunately does not carry any wig care products such as fluffy powder or mouse at this time.